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Efficient project progression in all phases
Planning / Engineering

Because we stay in permanent contact with our customers and get feedback during the project realization, installation and after-sales service, we have wide experience and knowledge of all intersection points within the individual trades as well as of the trades.

This complexity exceeds the familiar, classic engineering work and makes BSR Engineering a company with unique know how. Our focus lies on user-friendly and cost-optimized operational management from the first stages of project development and installation planning. At the beginning of the project, the know-how and issues from other, finished projects will be discussed openly with the investor and potential suppliers. This way, it is possible to design a customer-specific solution which enables sufficient flexibility and which meets the long-term market requirements.


Sustainable development means creating a balance between the current and future generations. This can only work if economic, ecologic and social goals are integrated. We realized that sustainability isn’t just about the environment and that it can’t be reduced to mere ecological questions. Instead, the entire range of economic and social development potentials must be utilized and sustainability must be seen as an overall concept for optimization.

In terms of the energy and wood industries, we think that means creating a sustainable material and energy cycle. In our industry, wood isn’t just a raw material but also stored solar energy in the form of biomass. Because of that, the synergies of both cycles are utilized optimally.

Efficient project progression in all phases

From the individual project development up to the operation of the plants, out experienced project managers ensure a highly efficient project progression:

  • Project development (concept and feasibility study, preliminary and design planning, approval execution planning)
  • Creation of the tender documents and requirements specification
  • Assistance with the awarding of the individual trades
  • Project management and/or project realization
  • Commissioning of the plants. Including process optimization

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