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Ideas become projects
Project development

Whether ambitious concept studies or new projects around wood and energy: BSR Engineering is on hand with the necessary expertise from the first project idea to planning and realization up to commissioning and the final acceptance. Thanks to the insider knowledge gained over decades and our widespread technology range, we are able to identify potentials in an initial idea, and to transform them into specific projects within a short period of time.

Finanzing strategies
Due to our varied international activity, different funding models such as „CRE“ and „Obligation d‘Achat“ in France, „EEG“ in Germany, „green certificates“ in Belgium or „Refit“ in Ireland can be tailored and incorporated in your investment structure.

Feasibility studies

During the basic evaluation, we will determine all data and key figures that are required for the project assessment on site. Normally, these are all material and energy cycles, which are then reviewed by us regarding material or thermal usage and assessed at the current market prices.

Another important part is the production site analysis during which we will assess all questions regarding structure and environment with regards to a later project realization. This way, we can prevent potential obstacles during the subsequent approval procedure and incorporate them in the project planning, respectively. In general this saves a lot of time and money in later stages and guarantees a smooth project realization.

project progress

The considerable opportunities to influence at the beginning of the project are used to ensure an ideal project budget structure. While the project progresses, the degree of project modification decreases rapidly and the associated costs soar. Because of that, the early stages of a project are crucial for a successful completion and the compliance with the budget.

cost analysis

The development of the plant layout and the subsequent installation planning of the technical facilities bring the project full circle and allows the estimation of the investment costs.

Based on these modules, we create a feasibility study for our customers which contains investments and operating costs as well as proceeds, a break-even analysis, and project schedules.

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