Wednesday, 06.12.2017

Efficiency enhancement in pellet production

On very cold days, heat supply can turn into a bottleneck – just when pellet demand increases.

After three mild winters, the season 2016/17 brought some new insights on the pellet market. First, the short-term pellet demand in case of an unexpected onset of winter exceeds the production capacities by far. Second, the stated production capacities of the plants are often based on design parameters which correspond to the climatic conditions of fall season. The following article shows possibilities to harmonize heat demand and supply, and to increase the efficiency of the plant.

Plant for the mechanical dewatering of wood chips
Plant for the mechanical dewatering of wood chips
Source: Holz-Zentralblatt · Nummer 21 · Seite 489

Article in Holz-Zentralblatt Nummer 21 (German)

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